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Publicity is effective only when it hits the right target. If the wrong people see your press release, you are likely not going to get the publicity you expect to get. Therefore, you have to know to whom you are sending the release. This article will give entrepreneurs an idea of how to know they are sending their press release to the right people.

by Louise Harris

Publicity is important for entrepreneurs and their companies. When they send out press releases and get story coverage, they have people discover what their inventions or innovative service can do. However, if they send press releases to the wrong people, they aren't likely to get any stories written about them and won't be getting new customers or revenues. Because of this they have to know they are sending the press release to the right people. Here are some tips to know you are sending to the right people.

1 - What They Write About

Check a few stories by reporters or search a magazine in your industry, and you will know almost immediately if that publication is what you want for your product or service. If what the reporter writes is similar to what your innovation is, then you know this is a good person to receive your press release. The publication is most likely going to pay attention to what you have to say in your press release and will provide you good publicity. If you check the reporter's stories and notice that the articles don't talk about what you do, then you know not to send the press release to that reporter. If the publication is in your industry, but it doesn't talk about your type of innovation, then you can avoid that publication. You can take this same approach to television and radio. Listen to the podcasts or radio stations to know if they are covering your industry.

2 - Research

Entrepreneurs could spend the time researching publications, online, radio and television to ensure they are sending the press release to the right people. This could take a lot of time away from other marketing ideas or production. However, if you have a low budget, this might be a good way to ensure you are sending your press release to the right people. In a case like this, you should restrict your research to local media. It would be less time and accomplished more accurately.

3 - Distribution Service

Hiring a distribution service gives you confidence that you are sending your press release to the right people. Faselis Growth and other press release distribution services do the research for you. They have publications already found with the right contact information. You can choose an industry for your product. The distribution service will have found the publications, radio and television in that industry. They also have picked the right people nationally and internationally. You can be assured that you are sending your press release to the right people.

4 - Relationship

For local distribution, you can build a relationship with journalists. When you do that, they are willing to read your press releases. If they are not the right ones for your particular release, they will send it to others on their staff. Building relationships with journalists help you know you are sending your press releases to the right people.

5 - Open Rate

When entrepreneurs send press releases through e-mail, if most of the publications open the e-mail and read the attachment, you know you have chosen the correct list. The more who open the press release, the more who are interested in your news. The more who open the press release, the more they are learning about you and your company. Distribution services will tell you how many chose to read the press release.

Getting publicity is necessary for brand awareness and potential new customers. Knowing you are sending your press release to the right people is essential to getting the publicity you seek.

If you want to get media attention, you have to consider ways to do that. You should use a press release distribution service like Faselis Growth to know you are sending it to the right people.

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